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Manufactured Home Replacement Program

Program Overview

Based on a $3 million, USDA Rural Energy Savings Program loan, Umatilla Electric Cooperative (UEC) has developed a Manufactured Home Replacement Program intended to dovetail with the State of Oregon’s program implemented in Summer 2021.

In coordination with the state and Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), the UEC program offers financial and other incentives to replace pre-1994 manufactured homes with new, energy-efficient manufactured homes.

The program is aimed at homeowners who are not likely to replace their home without assistance and may be unlikely to qualify for other lending. 

Program Design

  • With $5 million+ in funds approved by the Oregon Legislature, the state Oregon Housing & Community Services will provide a loan (which will become fully forgivable if the homeowner stays 10 years.)

  • The state loan/grant is intended to provide gap financing, with primary loans offered by entities such as UEC. The state also will provide up to $15,000 to decommission the old home.

  • To supplement the program beyond the state program, UEC also will coordinate with the Bonneville Power Administration’s energy efficiency program to provide rebates for manufactured home replacement.

State Loan Program Criteria – Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS)

  • Recipient must be owner-occupier and stay in home 10 years

    • 10-year loan term, Forgivable.

    • Low interest rate; no down payment or payments required.

    • Outstanding loan balance will be reduced quarterly.

  • If dwelling sold before 10 years, balance must be repaid or loan assumed by eligible buyer with prior approval by OHCS.

  • Household income may not exceed 100 percent of statewide median household income.

  • Agree to take a homeowner/energy conservation course (available locally through CAPECO).

UEC Loan Program Criteria (USDA RESP Program)

  • Recipient must be owner-occupier and receive power from UEC.

  • For new manufactured homes only. A pre-inspection of the home to be replaced and a post-inspection of the newly installed home will be required.

  • The UEC Business Resource Center will process UEC loan applications.

For More Information

​Give us a call at 541-289-3000 or send us an email at

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