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Commercial Rent Relief

Commercial Rent Relief is a program targeted for tenant businesses with 100 or fewer employees who are behind on lease payments or any forgiven base rent amounts that have been negotiated due to COVID-19.

Who can apply? Landlords are the ones who initially apply for the program, but they will need to have the tenant provide business information to determine application eligibility, and both landlord and tenant will sign a grant agreement. The applicable business tenant must:

1. be a for-profit business

2. lease property in the state of Oregon

3. be headquartered in the state of Oregon

4. employ 100 or fewer employees per lease as of February 28, 2021

5. be actively registered to do business in the state of Oregon with the Secretary of State

6. be compliant with all federal, state, and local laws

7. not be a publicly-traded company

8. be open for business or intends to reopen for business when restrictions are lifted (if applicable) at the leased location

Landlords must not be past due on federal, state, or local taxes as of December 31, 2019. Landlords with multiple properties and/or tenants may make multiple applications, one for each tenant business.

How much is the grant? The grant can be up to $100,000 per business tenant and not more than $3 million for each landlord. The grant amount covers only base rent that is in arrears due to COVID-19 impacts or restrictions.

When and how do I apply? The program is open now! The application portal is now open and can be accessed by clicking here. Applications will be accepted for two weeks, and eligible applications will be put into a lottery selection system to determine which will move on for grant approval. This is not processes as a first-come-first-served program.

What will be needed for the application? There will be different items needed at different stages of the process. The initial application form that is currently open is minimal. Below are descriptions of what will be requested at each stage.

Form 1 (initial application, completed by Landlord) * Landlord name and address * Tenant name and address * Tenant's number of workers (part/full-time) * Tenant Business classification * Base rent amount due and paid per month

Form 2 (Comes later, to be completed by Tenant) * Tenant number of full- and part-time workers * Business identification number * Base rent amount due and paid per month * Demographic survey

Form 3 (Comes later, to be completed by Landlord) * List of all owners with 20% or greater ownership * Demographic survey * Provide a copy of executed Lease * W9 Form

Addition questions and answers: Business Oregon has gathered a list of commonly asked questions along with answers. Click here to view the questions and answers. If you have any questions that have not been answered, please give us a call at 541-289-3000.

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